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"I have worked with Nick Hallam for 3 years, utilising his services for DOP and Head Cameraman. I have found him to be professional, punctual and an absolute pleasure to deal with. His dedication to the job at hand and pursuit of perfection in any given task is a rarity these days. We continue to use Nick ongoing and have no hesitation in recommending his services."

Glenn Everitt
Managing Director Everforge Media Group

Executive Producer Man and Machine Television Program. 

“Working with Nick Hallam was the best decision I made. Producing a film can be a daunting process with many hidden roadblocks along the way. Nick was able to remove so many roadblocks with his experience and expertise.

Nick offers a complete crew package (camera, lighting, sound and editing) at an extremely competitive rate. Not only did Nick’s team work at an impressive pace, they were able to produce a product that completely exceeded my expectations.

The most outstanding part of Nick’s work is watching him strive for excellence, he made me feel completely at ease. Nick makes the process of film production such a relaxed and easy event. Nick brings his relaxed approach into the editing suite also. Nicks diligence and attention to detail made the editing process an enjoyable and ultimately rewarding one.

I urge anyone who is planning on producing/directing a film to look no further than Nick and his team.

Thank you Nick for helping me bring my dream to life”

Mat Stevenson
Film Producer
Candy For My Baby.

“Nowadays to find a crew that one can relate to and work well together is alone a daunting task. It was so refreshing when Nick signed on as Director of Photography on two short film projects at Erwin Films. He accepted the challenge of budget and crew contraints and worked within those boundaries to give value beyond what was captured on film.

He brings a confidence to his craft, making it easier for a Director to relax, knowing that the picture will be lit properly and stay in focus the whole way.

His composition and execution is spot on and he is always willing to put in the extra effort to perfect a shot. When a problem presents itself he is always first to suggest a solution that has practicality in mind.

When the shooting day turns into ‘shooting night’, his dedication comes into play, always there giving 100% no matter how tired the crew is.

Working with Nick is a pleasure and hassle free. He is punctual, prepared and passionate… all without attitude. Wow! A rare trade.”

Kurt Breitenmoser – Short Feature Director
SnapColour BlindDesolation Angels.

“Nick turned out to be an invaluable addition to my first two productions as my Director of Photography.”

Almost every person that saw my first two films commented on how amazing they looked for a lower budget production. One person even asked if it was shot on 35mm! Now working on my 3rd film in Los Angeles it’s amazing how much I learnt from working with Nick. We shot many scenes in the middle of the night in the city, and each scene looks spectacular.

Nick’s dedication to quality is second to none. Things are never done by halves, which can take extra time on set, but not once was the cast and myself ever waiting on the camera crew to be ready. The quality of his work speaks for itself.”

Luke Rivett – Producer, Anonymous Content.

"Working with Nick was both a pleasure and an experience. As I'm primarily an actor focused director, I found Nick's technical knowledge to be an invaluable addition to the crew.

As Director of Photography, he was able to not only capture the images I had envisaged, but also able to do so on a small budget and limited time. To this day I? still amazed at what Nick managed to do.

Nick was always professional and dedicated to making the best of each and every shot. Often I would find myself happy with a shot - only to find Nick requesting another take because he knew he could get it looking better. And the beautiful thing is - he always did!"

Daniel Knight


"Nick has a great technical ability and a keen eye for detail - two imperative ingredients in a Director of Photography.

His open and accommodating manner and professionalism indicate both a passion and zeal for filmmaking. It's from this level of experience that he negotiates the necessities of the environment. His commitment to a project is refreshing to witness and I speak highly of him as an artist.

The involvement he shows and his various insights into a scenes dynamic make working with him pleasurable and enlightening."

Neil Bilas
Feature Film Director

"After speaking with Nick at length with him about the project and what I hoped to achieve, I soon decided that hiring Nick as Director of Photography would be a worthwhile investment in my film. I was right.”

Nick was basically a one-stop shop for all my camera and lighting needs and even organised the rest of the crew. During the shoot Nick was fantastic. His enthusiasm and efforts in getting the best out of every take, and input into scene and shot setups helped deliver a result far superior than I ever hoped for!

Looking back on the production, having Nick on board was certainly one of the most important decisions I made. Given the huge amount of work in Pre and Post Production in any film, to compromise the photography would be an unfortunate mistake. I would recommend Nick to anyone looking for cinematographic excellence. "

John King
Film Director

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