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Nick has been working in the Australian film and TV industry for almost 30 years and specialising as a Cameraman / Director of Photography for the last 19 years  on an array of different projects covering advertising, corporate video production, multimedia entertainment, documentaries and broadcast TV.

Most notably he’s been DOP and co-producer of 4 seasons of the popular Australian automotive adventure/lifestyle show Man and Machine, two seasons of Australia’s best web series, Girl Friday, which aired on ABC2 and won a Best Entertainment AIMIA Award; DOP’d episodes for a web spin off series of Channel 10’s police drama Rush, entitled Rush Underground  and has directed several series pilots including Welcome to the Cosmos, a sci-fi adventure series financed by Screen Australia and Film Victoria, along with Three Day Growth, a spin- off from the aforementioned Girl Friday.  He has also shot, produced and edited numerous episodes for Telstra Digital TV online series, feature length documentary Nearly Really Me, and several TVCs for prominent housing development companies and financial institutions.

Most recently Nick has been specialising in lifestyle TV shooting Australia By Design (Architecture, Innovations, Landscapes, Interiors) on Channel 10, Love Shack home renovation series on Channel 9, and The Great Weekend on Channel 7.

Nick is a confident, skilled camera operator and lighting professional with lots of ideas as to how to best interpret scripts and scenes working closely with producers and directors to get the best out of their project. He has a loyal client base of Australian production companies who regularly utilise his expertise in production services.

Having worked with many different formats over the years he mainly specialises in Canon Cinema EOS range. Clients are always impressed with the quality of the vision and getting the best look from any sized production. C100 C300 5D cameraman Melbourne.



Another service Nicks offers is drone aerial photography to provide stunning visual vistas from elevations not otherwise possible with a conventional photography cranes. The camera equipment on these quadcopters is gyroscopically stabilised for perfectly steady photography, and are capable of shooting video footage up to resolutions of 4K.

DJI Phantom 4


With the combined power of the DJI Ronin and Panasonic GH5s, Nick is able to capture stunning steacam shots at up to 4K high dynamic range images



With a keen photographic eye, Nick occasionally does some stills photography such as landscapes.



With experience in editing and visual effects, Nick is able to offer a complete production service from shooting through to editing if required.

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